Diabetic Foot Care is Our Specialty

Diabetes can have debilitating effects on patients’ extremities, especially the feet. Diabetic foot conditions develop from a combination of causes including poor circulation and neuropathy. Patients who have developed diabetic neuropathy are prone to ulcers that may lead to amputations. The American Diabetes Association reports that 50% – 70% of all non-traumatic amputations occur in patients with diabetes. Some ulcers are related to improper footwear and foot support. Many diabetes related foot injuries and amputations can be prevented through orthopedic solutions.

US Congress amended the Medicare statues to provide coverage, effective May 1, 1993, under Medicare Part B coverage for depth shoes, custom molded shoes and foot orthoses to qualifying diabetic patients.

Professionals at Bond Shoe & Foot have insight, tools,. and knowledge to provide treatment even for the most complicated conditions of the diabetic foot. We work closely with other health professionals to offer you the best in health-care available. Our footwear and orthotics are designed to offset problems from insensitivity to hypersensitivity to neuropathy. By guaranteeing a proper fit, the chance of irritation and other serious side-effects are removed and replaced by unsurpassed comfort and long-lasting wear.

You must have your physician fill out the following form to qualify:

Added depthPhysician prescribed orthotics that reduce and redistribute pressure points. Extra in-shoe capacity.
Added toe roomExtra toe room for painful, swollen joints and disfigured toes that need it.
No laces, wide openingsPerfect for painful diabetic feet and those who have difficulty putting on, and taking off, shoes.
Layers of shock absorbing materialsA must diabetic feet that need extra cushioning.
Seamless toe constructionNo pressure or irritation of the forefoot.
Contoured, self molding foot bedMaximum walking comfort. Molds to the foot’s shape and absorbs the impact of each step.
Breathable materialsSensitive diabetic feet that suffer from ulceration complications benefit from special porous leathers let the foot breathe.
Deerskin/calfskin leatherThe best for delicate diabetic feet that need an extremely soft, breathable leather.
Flared outsoleThe stable feel of a non-slip sole with the added benefit of evenly distributing the impact of each step.
Long, firm heel counterMaximum rearfoot stability and support.
These are just a few ways we can address your diabetic needs