Custom Footwear Means Custom to YOU

Bond Shoe & Foot provides custom footwear for every need. These shoes are made to your unique foot size and shape in a variety of colors and styles, regular or orthopedic (Please bring your prescription when available). Foot impressions are taken and a cast is made from which a custom insert is crafted. Custom footwear is usually designed for people with foot deformities or disease (diabetes, arthritis, etc.) or for people who want the ultimate in custom made luxury. We also feature custom made Birkenstocks® and other therapeutic sandals.

Each foot is unique. Normal or not, no two feet are exactly the same. No matter what the foot problem, the custom fitting of a shoe to an individual foot requires small, specific adjustment, if the shoe is to fit properly. Customizing ones shoe includes relasting (reshaping) the existing shoe to accommodate certain foot deformities or prescription. Molded custom foot-bed is also inserted inside the shoe to enhance fit, balance and support when needed. Bring in your own shoes or get a pair from our own selection.

The Xtra Depth® shoe offers a number of features, including: pillow back foam-padded collar to cushion and comfort ankle, long inside counter for maximum rear stability and arch support, Orthoflair sole for maximum stability and treading surface, Plastamold lining in Thermold® shoe that adjust through heat to provide immediate fit and comfort , leather upper of soft, supple deerskin or calfskin, leather lining for smooth, non irritating surface to help protect foot, Minorplast® removable cushion inlay for immediate comfort and adjustability, and Xtra Depth® Space that provides ¼ inch added depth inside the shoe to accept custom orthotics if needed. Super Depth® provides ½ inch added depth. Size 5-14, AAA-EEEEE