Therapeutic Shoe Modifications

Specialty shoe modifications enhance the stability, mobility, and relieve pressure points on the foot. These specialty shoe modifications should be designed and fabricated by an experienced technician. We strongly recommend footwear made of natural materials, such as leather or rubber.

Elevations lift the heel up, shifting the wearers weight forward, relieving pressure on the heel and ankle. Advances in technology allow elevations to be light weight and streamlined.

The extra cushioning provided by the double rocker design spreads out ground contact relieving heel and metatarsal pressure when walking, while reducing the length of the wearers stride.

A jones bar is placed between the insole and the outsole. Preshaped, it takes pressure off the metatarsal heads and is beveled on both anterior and posterior sides.

This rocker sole has a more linear profile which eases metatarsal discomfort while gently increasing propulsion when walking.

A LATERAL HEEL WEDGE can be either inserted or external, but it must be placed under the heel base.

The rocker bar is a longer metatarsal bar shaped with considerable convexity and can help take more pressure off the MP joints than a standard external metatarsal bar.

This device provides strength to the shoe and cushion to the metatarsals, which is one of the first steps to addressing a wide variety of foot problems.

Through special contouring of the shoe’s sole, this modification unloads the weight from near the ball to the middle of the foot and heel.